Calling all students of videography in Bryan/College Station. I’m hiring students to train in videography in Bryan/College Station this summer, and if you’re looking to learn how to make a living with your camera, I’ll teach you everything I know. Apply now.


let's work.


The business has been growing steadily over the past 18 months and I need help. I’m looking for hustlers in their first couple of years in the industry who are eager to learn how to tell impactful stories through video in the most efficient manner possible. I’m looking for students of videography; whether you’ve just started or have a sizable portfolio under your belt, I’ll teach you everything I know in return for your skills, labor, and willingness to execute at a high level.

The ideal candidate has some experience both shooting and editing video and photos and is familiar with the Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere Pro, Audition, Lightroom, Photoshop; After Effects is a plus). Having your own camera and editing equipment is preferred, but not required. Local to the BCS area. Willing to work at odd hours. Interested in or have experience as a freelancer. Appetite for mastery of your craft. And the hustle factor. 


  • Community Manager

  • Renaissance Videographer

If hired, I will do everything I can to teach you the skills necessary to go from pre-production to delivery autonomously. Sometimes, we have the privilege of working with a team. A lot of times, we’re an island of visual storytelling all to our own. We’re faced with the challenge of capturing what is necessary in real-time, making it look beautiful, and deciphering a cohesive story out of disparate elements in less than 72 hours. The skills, thought processes and workflows I’ve developed over the past four years are simple, but hard-earned and extremely effective. Give me your (paid) time and attention, and I’ll turn you into a highly efficient machine. If you have a passion for making a living with your camera and you have the hustle to back it up, you can write your own ticket. I have plenty of work to do, and an extra hand or two will allow me to rapidly expand in this market. 

If this company sound like a good fit for you, send me any relevant work you've done (preferably a demo reel) and a resume. Pitch me on why you're interested and what you're looking to get out of such a position, and why you'd be invaluable. I'm looking for hustlers to train up and work with for the long-term. I'm looking forward to hearing from you. 

Jeb Kicker
Film X Jebediah

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